FAIRmat Community Meets Technology Partners Workshops

1st Workshop:

May 27-28, 2024 in Berlin and Online

On May 27 and 28, we invited scientific and technology partners for our 1st FAIRmat Workshop on Data Exchange and Storage in Optical Spectroscopy to our headquarters in Berlin-Adlershof to discuss the future structure of (meta)data for optical spectroscopy applications.
First, the general motivation for upcoming applications was shown, and the present problems were highlighted. Current present infrastructures such as NOMAD were introduced, and the current use cases were pointed out. The sophisticated NeXus format was used, and the current status of optical spectroscopy experiments was introduced and explained to the audience. The second half covered a vivid discussion about limitations and the removal of possible ambiguities due to the broad range of potential future applications. Conclusions were drawn by preparing a list with several adjustments that satisfied the scientific and technology partners. Therefore, the base for the description of future generic optical spectroscopy experiments, as well as their specifications, will be enabled for the users.