FAIRmat Community Meets Technology Partners Workshops

Community Agrees on NXellipsometry

Thanks to the German National Research-Data Infrastructure (NFDI) project FAIRmat, ellipsometry users from several research institutes and technology partners from industry came together in a workshop on 22-23 September 2022.

Following on from the NFDI-NeXus virtual workshop in March, 2022, this hybrid event provided an opportunity for discussing FAIR data management, and specifically a standardized exchange and storage format for data and metadata in ellipsometry experiments.

This event brought a great success by aligning the scientific community and the technology partners towards the goal of FAIR data handling in ellipsometry. The discussion was focused on reviewing a specific application definition, NXellipsometry, in detail. This application definition has already been accepted by the NeXus International Advisory Committee (NIAC) and released as a contributed definition to the NeXus standard. Suggestions for improvements are still being collected and will be implemented and released in the next version of NXellipsometry.

It was great to see the strong interest of ellipsometry users along with their technology partners on developing standards for the description of ellipsometric measurements and data. FAIRmat is happy to celebrate the success of the first workshop in our “Community Meets Technology Partners” series and will promote similar solutions on FAIR data management and standardisation for other experimental fields and a wider range of the German materials science community.

Materials from this workshop: