Second Shell - Industry

The NOMAD Center of Excellence utilizes a 2-layer team structure, made up of

  • the first shell that is represented by the core research teams (PIs)
  • the second shell, which includes researchers from other aiCMS groups, industry participants, scientific and commercial experts and other stakeholders.

The second shell (collaborators and advisors) includes representatives from the following companies:

AcelorMittal_logo   AcelorMittal S.A. is the leading integrated steel and mining company.
granta-ansys   ANSYS GRANTA is the leading company in materials information technology.
Baker-logo   BAKER HUGHES is the leading supplier of oilfield services, products and technology.
  BASF SE is a leading chemical company in the world.
  Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA is a leading provider of scientific innovation lifecycle management software. BIOVIA software is at the heart of R&D in the world leading pharmaceutical, chemical, aerospace, biotech, chemical and petrochemical companies.


ELSEVIER is a leading scientific publisher.

goldbeck-logo   Goldbeck Consulting Ltd provides technology transfer of academic developments to industry.
greenetica_logo   Greenetica GmbH is a manufacturer of solar concentrators (heat and electricity).
GTT   GTT Technologies provides thermodynamic simulation software and database .
  Haldor Topsøe specialises in the production of heterogeneous catalysts and the design of process plants based on catalytic processes.
HPC   HPC Now! provides its customers with solutions and technologies for dealing with the most complex problems in High Performance Computing (HPC).
IBM_logo.svg   IBM is a leading IT company, HPC systems and AI (Watson).


Instituto de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos de Concentración S.A. (ISFOC), is a leading photovoltaics systems company.



Intel is the leading chip manufacturer worldwide.



Johnson Matthey plc is a chemical company and a global leader in sustainable technologies.



Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH (MCL) performs research in materials, production and process engineering.



Materials Design S.A.R.L. is a Vendor of scientific software and digital libraries.



Nanolayers offers training and consulting for theoretical materials discovery.



NOVALED is a leading provider of proprietary organic materials and complementary innovative technologies for superior OLED's in display and lighting and for high performance OSC. 

 nvidia   NVIDIA is the world leading developer of graphic/central processing units.
 Schott_AG_logo.svg   SCHOTT is a leading manufacturer of specialty glass.


Siemens AG is a world leading company in power generation technology, heavy industry and medical technology.



Solvay is one of the ten biggest chemical companies worldwide.



Synopsys is a vendor of software and digital services.



Tata Steel Europe is one of the world’s most widespread steel producer.