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8 Million Euro Grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

8 Million Euro Grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Kristian Thygesen and collaborators have won a grant starting in January 2022

Kristian Thygesen (WPs 4, 5 & 9), is part of a team at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) that has just received an 8 million EURO (60 million DKK) grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The BIO-MAG project focuses on developing new materials for highly sensitive magnetic field sensors for neuroimaging. Kristian leads the theoretical activities of the project, which is funded over six years starting January 2022.

Kristian is part of a team led by Nini Pryds (Department of Energy Conversion and Storage at DTU) that will develop 2D materials for two novel sensing technologies that can capture images of the brain at room temperature with tremendous sensitivity and spatial resolution. This will allow nervous system disorders to be detected and treated much earlier. The goal is to allow general practitioners to use the technology and perform imaging directly in their practices. The technology under development could become an alternative to expensive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which is usually only available in hospitals.

The goal of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Program is to support excellent researchers in addressing major societal challenges in the fields of health, sustainability or biotechnology.

published on 15.12.2021