FAIRmat Tutorial 5: NOMAD Encyclopedia


Overview talk

Considering the meaning of the word encyclopedia, the greek word(s) meaning ‚complete instruction‘ or ‚complete knowledge‘, i.e. the representation of all knowledge available to humankind on a specific subject or even more generally, it very quickly becomes clear that building an encyclopedia for a vast field, such as materials science, but also more narrow sub-areas within this field must be a community effort involving as many scientific minds and labs as possible. In this talk a few examples of initiatives building such comprehensive materials data bases will be presented, along with their utilization. In addition a personal selection of criteria for making a materials encyclopedia initiative potentially successful will be provided.  

Hands-on tutorial

The first tutorial already introduced how you can upload, manage and explore individual entries within the NOMAD ecosystem. In this tutorial, we will discuss the complementary materials-oriented view to the data, that is provided by the NOMAD Materials Encyclopedia. Unlike many other materials data platforms, NOMAD data comes from a large heterogeneous pool of users with varying research interests, resulting in unique opportunities and challenges for materials exploration.

In the hands-on tutorial, we will start out by discussing how the NOMAD Encyclopedia is built by linking individual entries to their respective materials. The first set of exercises will cover how you can navigate the materials space using the Encyclopedia GUI that enables intuitive searches within the different classes of materials. The second set of tutorial exercises focuses on more advanced tasks that are possible using the Encyclopedia API.



Wednesday 05 October Thursday 06 October

Christoph T Koch:  The potential of digital encyclopedias in materials science

Interactive Q&A with NOMAD developers


Hands-on Tutorial
Lauri Himanen: Introduction to the NOMAD Encyclopedia

Interactive Q&A with NOMAD developers